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TP Finals
LD Finals

Speech Finals
Apologetics Finals
Oratory Analysis Finals
Extemp Finals
Mars Hill Finals
Open Interp Finals
Original Oratory Finals
Persuasive Finals

Debate Semi-Finals
TP Semi-finals
LD Semi-Finals

Speech B Round 3
Extemp Round 3
Impromptu Round 3
Mars Hill Round 3
Open Interp Round 3
Original Oratory Round 3
Original Oratory Round 3
Persuasive Round 3

TP Quarter-Finals
LD Quarter-Finals


Speech A Round 3
Apologetics Round 3
DI Round 3
Duo Round 3
Expos Round 3
HI Round 3
Oratory Analysis Round 3

Parli Finals

Speech B Round 2
Extemp Round 2
Impromptu Round 2
Mars Hill Round 2
Open Interp Round 2
Original Oratory Round 2Persuasive Round 2

LD Round 6
TP Round 6

Speech A Round 2
Apologetics Round 2
DI Round 2
Duo Round 2
Expos Round 2
HI Round 2
OA Round 2

LD Round 5
TP Round 5


TP Round 4
LD Round 4

Speech B Round 1
Extemp Round 1
Impromptu Round 1
Mars Hill Round 1
Open Interp Round 1
Original Oratory Round 1
Persuasive Round 1

LD Round 3
TP Round 3

Parli Semi-Finals

Speech A Round 1
Apologetics Round 1
Dramatic Interp Rnd1
Dou Round 1
Expos Round 1
HI Round 1
OA Round 1

LD Round 2
TP Round 2


Parli Round 1
Resolved: The US should pass a carbon tax.

Parli Round 2
Resolved: The USFG should pass a balanced budget amendment.

Parli Round 3
The year is 1919 and President Wilson has proposed the Treaty of Versailles to the United States Senate.
Resolved: Ratify the Treaty.

Parli Round 4
Resolved: Voting should be compulsory in the United States.

Parli Round 5
The study of history should be valued over the study of philosophy.

Parli Round 6
Idealism ought to be valued over Pragmatism.

LD Round 1
TP Round 1

Parli Quarter-Finals