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Event Information:

November 11-14, 2020

This is a Stoa NITOC-qualifying event.

Registration for this event is now closed.

Are you interested in attending this event as a guest?

We welcome friends and family of competitors to join us in watching these excellent speakers and debaters compete! Guest attendance is by invitation only, so you will need to personally know a competitor or their family and be given the password to enter Competition Rooms in order to watch rounds. Please contact them directly to be given the password. In order to go to a room as a guest, you will first need to check the POSTINGS for the round you wish to observe to find out the room number. Then you will go to the Competition Room tab and click on the corresponding room number. You will enter your password and then you will be greeted by a Proctor. Please let the Proctor know right away that you are an invited guest and he/she will get you to the correct room. NOTE: While in a Competition Room, you must keep your camera turned off, keep yourself muted the entire time, and you must not use the chat box AT ALL.

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